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David Anthony
David Anthony

David Anthony Sculpture .Com 

  77231 US Highway 101, Gardiner OR 97441  mail. PO Box 215  tel. 541-271-2030


    "I use the medium of metal sculpture to explore the intricacies of the relationship between humanity, the complexities of the human experience, and nature. I draw my inspiration from the beauty of natural materials, organic forms, and the fluidity between these elements. The natural world has a harmonious balance, and I continuously strive to reflect this balance and harmony through my art in metal sculpture.

    My goal will always be to captivate my audience with my creations' visual appeal and beauty. I aim to inspire a sense of wonder and contemplation about my work. Each sculpture contains natural movement and inherent energy, which I hope viewers connect with on a psychological and emotional level. I hope to awaken, in the viewers of my art, a deep appreciation of the existence of humanity, its rich tapestry of emotion, and its relationship with the environment around it.

    My art is a visual language to invoke introspection and dialogue. I am continuously inspired by the transformative potential of the materials I use, and I'm fascinated by the interplay between the strength and vulnerability of these materials. I use various techniques to transform the metal into intricately detailed sculptures that can be viewed in my art gallery. My pieces invite viewers to explore their emotions, vulnerabilities, and strengths."

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    David B. Anthony, a contemporary metal sculptor and former gallery owner, who was born in the United States of America in 1961 and graduated in 1987 from the University of Art in San Francisco, California, with a Master's Degree. He has expertise in welding practices such as abstract steel sculpture and bronze casting.

    After graduating, Mr. Anthony attended an apprenticeship alongside the world-famous Sculptor Mir Milton Hebald in Bracciano, Italy. An experience that would prove to be the highlight of his early career. Shortly after, Mr. Anthony participate in another apprenticeship with another well-known sculptor, Mr. Aristides Demetrios, in San Francisco, California. 

    In 2011, Mr. Anthony founded Three Rivers Gallery, a 4000-square-foot warehouse space designed for displaying and creating his art. Mr. Anthony is a member of:

    • The Oregon Coast Council of the Arts

    • The American Welding Society

    • The International Sculpture Society

    • The 45th Street Artist's Cooperative

    • The International Association of Visual Artists

    Contact and Commission Information


    Telephone: (541) 271-2030

    Commissioning a Custom Piece

    I am delighted to work with you to bring your vision to life should you wish to commission a custom metal sculpture piece. Commissioned pieces offer an opportunity to collaborate in creating a one-of-a-kind piece that brings your vision to life.

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