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Welcome to  Please enjoy my gallery pics from the Oregon Coast town of Gardiner.  I created Three Rivers Gallery in 2011 and opened my doors in April with the support of the Oregon Coast arts community.  The gallery and its guests often were invited to see new pieces being created in one of my welding studios. I consider it a great success selling two large pieces to the City's of Tracy and Eureka as well as selling over 40 smaller artworks  to collectors around the country.  Unfortunately I closed the gallery the end of 2022.  My passion is turning back to creating new art work full time and setting up a studio in the California. 

I am a West Coast artist born out of the Bay Area eighties art experience. From dumpster diving and Artist Co-op's to working with some of the finest designers and conservators the museum world has to offer, I've had a great time and created some good art along the way.  One of my goals for this site is to expand my art across the country and perhaps even the globe. I wanted to thank a group of artist's from the Academy of Art University in San Fransico where I was a student in the early and mid 80's. Jack Scott, Larry Robinson, Richard Miller, Charlene and Bill Albright. These artist's teachers were always around for help weather or not I was one of their students. I did not mention some one from my earlier site, where I could not say enough about Ron Young, Tom Marsh and Aristides Demetrios. Ralph Reed is a painter who had a big impact on my art, especially my drawings. Ralph always made himself available to me for his invaluable critiques and encouragement. The site is a work in progress.  My work can also be seen on Instagram davidbanthony122 or at If you are interested in learning more about my work or have other questions please email me at:  David B. Anthony 

California Artist

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California Artist
California Artist
California Artist
California Artist

- Where Metal Meets Imagination - 

Mr. David Anthony is an American Artist and sculptor in San Joaquin County, California, who specializes in metal sculpture and has expertise in welding practices such as abstract steel sculpture and bronze casting. His extensive knowledge and expertise in metal sculpturing was gained through a Master's Degree obtained from the University of Art in San Francisco, California, and two distinct internships with world-renowned sculptors: Milton Hebald in Bracciano, Italy and Aristides Demetrios in San Francisco, California. Two experiences have been instrumental in shaping the outlook, vision, and imagination of Mr. David Anthony.

His Work

Mr. David Anthony, a contemporary metal sculptor, is world-renowned for his work. Some of his more prominent pieces include:

"Fire Fighters"

This is a cast-in-place concrete monolith of two firefighters working a hose — this powerful sculpture captures the heroic spirit of two firefighters as they battle a blazing fire while holding a hose together. The piece captures their tireless dedication and unwavering unity in the face of a powerful force of nature. His use of a monolithic form showcases and captures the determination of these two firefighters as they battle together as one. It is a testimony to their unbreakable bond in a moment of pure heroism. The sculpture invokes a sense of gratitude, admiration, and respect.

"Celestial Motor"

This welded-steel sculpture is awe-inspiring. It pays homage to the powerful transformation of the Industrial Age and how metal has played an intricate role in this transformational process. It speaks visually of the steel objects that paved the way for the Computer Age. The artwork aims to capture the essence of movement and change through its intricate details and outstanding artistry. It  showcases an ever-evolving form that can be rotated by hand. This masterpiece encapsulates the spirit of innovation, progress, and forward movement through time. 

"Field Spirit"

This is a three-dimensional laser-cut steel mural. This is yet another masterpiece created by the hands of Mr. David Anthony. It captures the relationship between indigenous and agricultural history of the area and discusses their intricate and intertwined journey. Created in the artists "Cut-Out" style where the cut out shape, or half the image, is flip over and welded to create a whole.  His rhythmic use of bold and simple shapes invokes deep emotions within viewers and invites a dialogue about the topic. The work is in the heart of the community love by locals and all who use the Transit Station.


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